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SMSnet has over 30 years experience in the fundraising industry working at the grassroots level with schools, community sports associations and charities. We have been responsible for the sales of millions of chocolate bars, chocolate cover almonds, magazines, gift-wrapping paper, citrus, cookie dough, scratch tickets, discount coupons and many more items.

In all our years of contacting and working with groups like yours, the things that most fundraising organizations seem to agree with are:
Most people do not like to fundraise, whether it be selling products or asking for a donation
Most parents would rather give an extra few dollars to avoid fundraising
Most parents/supporters see little value in traditional fundraising campaigns
Most Associations would rather not bother staff, volunteers or coaches with fundraising
. . . But they all do it because they need the extra funds

With SMSnet, we avoid the traditional fundraising negatives as there is:
          NO selling or soliciting
          NO coach, staff or volunteer time commitment
          NO collection of money
          NO distribution of products
          NO disruption of practices/schedules
          NO financial risk

This is the way fundraising should be!

SMSnet is located at:

320 Petheram Place
Newmarket, Ontario
L3X 1J7

Telephone: 905-716-6916


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