Covid-19 & Contact Tracing

Similar to an Amber Alert in its ability to deliver a message to a mass audience instantly, our text 

alert service can be targeted by Group, Jurisdiction, Municipality or other category and is relevant 

to stopping the spread of Covid-19. 

We provide subscription based, instant, two-way text message communications for emergencies and/or ongoing conversations to subscribers without asking them to install apps, check voicemail 

or search a website. Our service is used for emergency notifications as well as alerts, reminders, announcements, reporting, safety, etc. But it’s better because we offer a two-way communication platform allowing subscribers to reply back with a response immediately. 

We provide the ability to instantly have someone subscribe to a specific list where we can capture their location, name, cell number and date and time of text, all information that may become vitally important in the weeks and months to come. Once someone texts a keyword to a specific phone number to subscribe to that list, he/she can be contacted at any time and informed about exposure, told to quarantine, asked to call a number or click a link to complete a form.

For example, if a restaurant asked every patron or party to subscribe at every dining-in meal or simply provide a cell phone number, and one month later, the restaurant is informed that a guest who was in the establishment one week previously contracted Covid-19, they could instantly alert all patrons to self-quarantine and provide information specific to their situation. Within minutes, the restaurant could provide the Province with a list of contact names and cell phone numbers to begin contact tracing efforts.

Any Municipality, Festival, Event or business could use the service in conjunction with gatherings of more than 5 people, servicing a continuous stream of residents, event attendees, business/retail/restaurant customers, day and summer Camps and Sports organizations could all benefit from this extra level of security and reassurance. 

The ability to immediately begin contact tracing could reduce transmissions and potentially save lives as everyone would be contacted and informed 12 to 72 hours sooner.