Not sure about what you need and what it might cost? Please contact us for a free consultation and service trial. You can text DEMO to 767638 to see how fast our service is. The message you receive is an automated response and is always personalized to each Client and may contain a message with or without a live link.  

As a Commercial text messaging company using a short code, we pay for every text message we send. Your pricing is based upon the creation of your customized platform, plus the cost of text messages sent. Inbound texts are free to receive. All pricing is in Canadian dollars plus applicable tax.

For Business, there is a one-time set-up charge for most applications starting at $295. Our monthly service fee is $19.95 per month and includes your first 100 text messages sent.  

Conference, Festival & Event applications start at $295. Download our Event rate card pdf below.

CampSMS pricing is dependent upon the number of campers, number of camps and number of  sessions. There is a one-time set-up charge starting at $295, to an average of $0.50 per child per session. Please ask for a quote.
Most private text messaging platforms start from $295, plus the cost of text messaging.    

The cost of text messaging is $0.099 per text message sent. (9.9 cents per text sent.)
Volume texting discounts are available after 5000, 25,000 texts sent per month.