Keywords and Short Codes

Try this.....Text DEMO to 767638
DEMO is a keyword
767638 is our specal short phone number and is called a short code.
You will receive an immediate, automated response to your text message.

Now imagine, what keyword would you use and what would your auto-response be.... 

Business Text Messaging

Business text messaging enables customers to text you for Customer Service, to ask questions and/or to schedule, confirm or reschedule appointments.
You can text live for customer service and/or schedule alerts, reminders and promotional offers relevant to customer needs. Plus you can segregate your customers by geography, profile, sales, whatever! You decide, we'll build it.

Conference, Event & Festival Text Messaging

Alert, remind, inform and engage Attendees.
Subscriber Groups are based upon your needs, i.e. Delegates, Volunteers, Exhibitors, Sponsors, etc.
Text message periodic session reminders, a link to a survey at the end of a session, the day or end of the event.
Text social media hashtags, links to an Agenda, map of event site, networking list, speakers’ Bios, Exhibitor List, Sponsors and more. 

Day Camp, Summer Camp & Camp Bus Text Messaging

Text messaging service for Municipal and private Camps by date and session parameters allows you to welcome parents and remind them about camp timing, or next day “remember to bring” items.

Bus text messaging enables you to provide instant notification of late bus departure or arrival information, storm/weather warning, even notify parents about upcoming camp session availabilities. 

Provide great peace of mind to parents.  

Volunteer Text Messaging

How to provide better Volunteer communication for Charity events, Tourism events and Festivals.

Manage Volunteers while two way text messaging improves communications, information disbursement, lost or missing child alerts and superior visitor engagement. 

Business, membership organization and charity text messaging

Human Resource / Hiring Text Messaging

sales people meeting about using business text messaging

Start, continue or shift conversations over to text for Gen X, Y & Z prospective employees.
Keep track of every recruiting conversation, (which are all legally part of the Employee Contract in Canada.)
Prospective employees can text message to confirm or reschedule appointments and two-way questions and answer sessions.  

Retail, Restaurant, Service Industry Text Messaging

tourists in town receiving information by text message

Invite current and new Customers to subscribe and send Special Event invitations, new product releases, promotional offers.
Customers text in to make a reservation, for Customer Service assistance or simply to ask questions.
Schedule reminders, alerts, offers to Customers by geography, needs, sales profile.  

Online and Social Media Sales Text Messaging

online sales company meeting about using text message to increase social media sales

Even if your business is online only, you can use text messaging. Customers can provide permission and their cell number for last minute sales, product or service availability, verification purposes, etc. Using customer's cell numbers, you can upload an "advertise to only" target list on Facebook, Google and Linkedin.  

Political Party Recruitment Text Messaging

politician knocking on door

Export contacts into your platform, add new subscribers at every event.
Direct followers/subscribers to your Event webpage and donation webpage.
Initiate Gen X, Y & Z interest and following.
Text message followers by Polling Station/area
Text links to surveys and ask Supporters for feedback and suggestions.

Colleges/Universities Text Messaging

College class room or University class room filled with students

Faculty Professors can  text cancellations, due-date reminders, reading lists by class.
Student Services can text message important offers, requirements and deadlines.
Text Students Athletic and Social reminders, invitations, fundraisers, event info.
Recruit students for Volunteering, Social Events, important School functions.

Tourism - Ticketed Events

crowd of visitors attending an outdoor music festival

Text & engage visitors at ticketed events.
Export cell numbers to us for uploading by Ticket Category/Event.
Remind and alert subscribers to schedule of events, “the next Act on stage”, where to find face painting for the kids, a guest Personality talk, special demonstrations & more
At day’s end, text attendees asking how you did; send a link to a survey, and ask for an email address to invite them back for your next event
Use text messaging to manage, inform and communicate with Volunteers

Tourism - Non Ticketed Events


At non-ticketed events, have visitors text in a keyword to start receiving your texts. A few words on a flyer, a sandwich board or other signage invites "walking by" Visitors to easily subscribe.
Alert subscribers to “the next Act on stage”, where to find things to do for kids, teens, a special demonstration & more.
Conduct contests, a scavenger hunt.
At day’s end, text attendees asking how you did; send a link to a survey, capture postal codes and ask for an email address to invite them back for your next event.
Use SMS for emergency communications, lost child alert. texting Volunteers.
Have the service Sponsored by your Tourism partners and local Economic Development Office.

Bus Delay Info Text Messaging

school buses waiting for campers after day camp

Parents subscribe for text message alerts by bus route. Deliver text updates regarding delays or cancellations directly to affected parents, by Bus Route, as soon as its known there is an issue. An excellent way to improve customer satisfaction and provide peace of mind to Parents.

Wedding Text Messaging


Amost everyone texts these days and most of us read our text messages upon receipt! Email can take 2 or three days to be read, and most never get read!

Use text messaging to communicate with your Bridal Party, your Guests and your Suppliers! 

It's easy from your private platform. 

We create a personalized subscription page where guests and if you like, suppliers can subscribe. Your Bridal party can be asked to subscribe as well or you can add their cell numbers manually. 

You can text live or schedule your texts to be sent on specific days and times. 

Text one person, one group or everyone and feel relieved and satisfied in the knowledge that everyone received their message within seconds.  

Sports Text Messaging

sports balls used by sports organizations

 SportsSMS is the Canadian leader in Sports Text Messaging providing community, provincial and national sports organizations with a personalized texting platform enabling the sending of text communications to all coaches, players, officials, volunteers and even fans. 

Visit for information.

Tournament Text Messaging

hockey stick and puck used in sports tournaments

TourneySMS provides Sports Tournaments with the best live mobile and desktop formatted ScoreBoard and Schedule service with integrated, automated text message delivery of scores, advancements and informational texts to the cell phones of coaches, parents & fans. 

Visit for information.