Event Text Messaging & Mobile Alerts
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Delivering the right message to the right people,
in the right place, at the right time

Conference SMS enables you to deliver important information to attendees, volunteers, staff, exhibitors and more, fast and efficiently using text messaging. This means no mobile App to try and download, no need for the newest smart phone, wifi or using your own data.

Text live or schedule texts and send event updates, session reminders, links to agendas and maps, links to speakers Bios, social media links hashtags and more. Use the service to direct visitors to a specific booth at a specific time, invite attendees to sign up for email, complete an online survey and even conduct a live survey using Text2Vote!


 Download our Rate Card pdf here

Text messaging works on every phone everywhere, in the Conference room, at the far end of the parking lot, across town or in another city. SMS is easier to use, easier to prepare and far less expensive than a mobile App, but like an App can still be ‘sponsored’.

SMSnet provides a 100% private platform that enables attendees to subscribe through your own registration process, online through a hosted and branded subscription page as well as directly via their own mobile device and we provide information feeds for every category of subscriber at your Event.

Text messages are delivered within seconds of being sent regardless of the phone location or wireless carrier and all texts are free to receive if you have text messaging as an option on your phone service. It’s easy and we’ll guide you through the process.

Services start at just $495 for a two to four day-long event and includes:
• 100% private, personalized, text messaging platform
• personalized user interface for sending/scheduling of all text messages
• up to 5 Groups and unlimited number of subscribers
• uploading of delegate phone numbers and enabling mobile opt-in for all delegates
• ability to text a single contact, one Group, multiple Groups or ALL
• first 1000 text messages sent, additional messaging is $0.10 per text message sent
• auto-deletion of all cell numbers and disabling of platform following event 

For additional information, please call toll free: 1-800-930-4858 or text Rick O’Connor at 905-716-6916.

Please note that all cell phone numbers are the property of their owners and we NEVER share that information.
Every SMSnet platform is a private platform; there is no advertising and no spam.

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