Business Text Messaging made easy!

Why Text Messaging

Text messaging (SMS) is the most used cell phone application in the world.
Statistically, 96% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of receipt.
On average, email open rates range from 3% to 21%. 

And does anyone return voicemail anymore?

If information is time sensitive, text messaging is your best delivery option.
SMS is excellent for providing better customer service, emergency alerts and promoting your business

We use text messaging because it works on every cell phone, everywhere. 

No one needs to download an app and you don't need wifi to send or receive text messages.

Plus receiving SMS works without internet allowing you to provide emergency communication in case of power outages and other emergency situations. 


We do the set-up, you just send texts!

SMSnet is a subscription based, commercial text messaging company providing Canada-wide Short Message Service (SMS) to Business, Charity and Membership Organizations since 2011. 

Text Messaging service is available in the US and Internationally. SMS policies, regulations and pricing is different in virtually every country in the world. If you need SMS for non-Canadian carriers, let's talk.

How it Works

service is a cloud based platform, customized to your needs
works on any internet connected computer device
there is no software to manage
one-way and two-way, business text messaging conversations
easy to use, purpose built platform
100% private

Subscriber service is easy to receive, easy to reply
nothing to download (no access to OS or phone content/apps)
standard SMS is used, no wifi or data access required
works on every cell phone, everywhere
100% private

Remember when. . . . .

Once upon a time, we used this device to telephone customers and actually speak with them! Amazing!
Eventually, that rotary dial became a keypad, and the symbol to the right of the zero became "POUND".
Now people seldom answer their phone, that pound symbol is a #hashtag and some people wonder where the phrase "dial a number" comes from . . . 

How do we start?

  • We connect, listen, suggest, then build a platform for your business needs.  
  • Your customers subscribe online, from their mobile, plus we upload contacts into your platform. 
  • From your desktop, text reminders, alerts, promotions, social media links & invitations! Connect with your customers & members wherever they are, whatever they’re doing.  
  • Your service allows for two-way text message conversations enabling your customers to text in and for you to reply. 

small business text message consultant meeting with customer

Texting facts you may not know . . .

Man waiting at airport checking phone for text message

At least 97% of smartphone owners text regularly. (Pew Research Center) 

Text messaging is the #1 preferred communication channel for Millennials. (Forbes)

And the most used form of communication among North Americans under 50. (Gallup)

96% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of receipt. (Forbes)

Text messaging is 3 to 8 times more preferred than face-to-face communication across all generations. (Twilio)

90% of people say they’d rather receive a text than a phone call from a business. (Franchise Help,Text Request)

85% of consumers want to engage with a business via text messaging - not just receive info. (Twilio)

The average response time for a text message is 90 seconds, (60 times) faster than email. (CTIA, HubSpot)

The average SMS campaign conversion rate is 45%. (Salesforce)

Text message response rates are 209% higher than phone call response rates. (FranchiseHelp, Text Request)

Over 51% of consumers prefer SMS for appointment reminders. US National Survey

On average, North Americans spend over three hours on their phones every day.

Outreach vs Inreach


Sharing info with the masses but not needing specific communication contact. Social Media is good for this.

When you need to contact specific clients or group members to explain, alert, remind and engage. Text messaging is best for this. 

One more thing. . . .

customer receiving business text message

You're here!
You text your friends, your family. . .  
Why not your customers? 

small business working on text message strategy

Still not sure?

Let's schedule a call.
Ask us some questions, we'll ask you some too.
If you don't see a fit, tell us.
If we don't see one, we'll tell you.

empty chair and open laptop. person received business text message and left to go shopping.

How about a free trial?

If you need proof that text messaging will work for your business, we'll create a platform for you to trial.
Let's figure out the details and work it out.
No charge.  


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